What sets Shopping Partnership School Rewards Program apart?

We offer an exclusive, focused effort to provide a "win-win" approach for the schools and the shopping centers. The role of Shopping Partnership is to support the schools and the shopping centers, giving each useful tools and opportunity to be successful.

Customers have easy options to support the school of their choice, and are often motivated to adjust their shopping habits to help their school increase their prize amount.

Our staff is experienced in shopping center marketing and school fundraising – the perfect partnership!


Nora Levy PhotoNora Levy, creator and owner of Shopping Partnership since 1992, merged her career in shopping center marketing with her experience in school volunteering to launch this successful partnership between shopping centers and schools. More than $6.6 in funds to K-12 schools have been donated through Shopping Partnership’s school rewards programs.

Nora started her career in shopping center marketing following graduation from California State University, Fullerton with a BA in Communications/Advertising, and a Minor in Business Administration. Nora oversaw the marketing programs at Long Beach Plaza, Santa Anita Fashion Park and Los Cerritos Center for 10 years on behalf of The Hahn Company & TrizecHahn. Nora won numerous awards for her shopping center programs, including the prestigious MAXI award from the International Council of Shopping Centers and special commendation from the governor of California for EASE (Easy Access Shopping Experience) - a program designed to enhance the shopping experience for patrons with disabilities. Her awards include Marketing Director of the Year and Management Team of the Year, as well as many other awards from her employer and shopping center trade organizations.

Nora actively volunteered at her children’s schools and in the community. She matched her volunteer experience with her shopping center expertise to create a symbiotic program that benefits schools and businesses. As an owner operator, she continually adjusts her business model to meet the changing landscape of shopping centers, while striving to provide much-needed resources to local schools.
email: nora@shoppingpartnership.com

Britney Matz

Britnet MatzBritney Matz first worked with Shopping Partnership as the marketing manager for two of our shopping center programs with Macerich. Her responsibilities included executing the Shopping Partnership program, building and implementing strategic marketing initiatives, managing the property website and social media accounts, maintaining tenant and community relations, securing advertising and sponsorships, and planning shopping center events. She resigned from Macerich in 2018 to work part-time allowing her to spend more time with her husband and children.

Her extensive experience in retail and non-profit marketing makes her a great addition to our team and she is excited to continue supporting shopping centers and their local schools.