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Did you know?
Our Rewards Programs
have given schools more than $6.6 million in funds!

Welcome to Shopping Partnership!

Shopping Partnership's school rewards programs have generated more than $6.6 million in funds to K-12 schools since 1992.

School families, staff and other supporters submit receipts from the shopping center to earn points for their school. Bonus points are frequently offered for featured stores, participating in center events, promoting the school rewards program and more. Based on the total points, each participating school receives funds from the center.

To view the latest offers for your program, select your shopping center or program from the tab near the top of this page.

Each school rewards program runs for a designated time frame. When you visit your program page, click on Program Info to view the receipt dates for your program.

On your program page, you’ll be able to view the current flyer, points earned and the prizes to be awarded to the participating schools.

Each program page also includes a form to submit receipts online.

What Receipts Are Accepted?
  • Paper receipts: photos or scans of original cash register receipts.
  • Digital receipts (email, text or app): take a screenshot or export as a pdf. Learn More
  • Do online purchases count? Yes, if you order online and pick up in-store, or order in-store and ship to an address.
  • Online orders with a store pick-up, or order in-store and ship to an address
  • Third-party app/delivery service (i.e., Fandango, UberEats, Postmates, Grubhub, Instacart, Shipt, etc.) Third-party charges, including delivery, service fees and/or gratuity should be deducted from your total.
  • Gift cards purchased the gift card from a store at the shopping center.
What Receipts Not Accepted?
  • Credit card or bank statements (unless to document a monthly automatic withdrawal to the shopping center retailer).
  • Payments on a retailer's credit card account.
What Amount Do I Enter?
  • Total purchase amount, including sales tax and gratuity.
  • Deduct cash back on your purchase when you enter your purchase total.
  • Enter the purchase total to include all forms of payment, including gift cards and loyalty rewards.
Do I Need To Upload The Entire Receipt?
  • Fan fold paper receipt to show store name, location, date and total.
  • Take a short video to show of the receipt.
  • Have a digital receipt (email, app or text)? Take a screenshot showing the store name, location, date and total.
  • Export an emailed receipt or online account page as a pdf. Learn More
  • Take a screenshot of your app or text receipt.
Confirming Your Submission
  • Do not submit the same receipt more than once! Email Us your correction or to verify your entry was received.
  • If you did not receive an email confirmation, add no-reply@wufoo.com to your email provider’s “safe sender” (tip: search your email provider and safe sender or whitelist for instructions).
  • If the form advances to the next screen (another receipt form or a confirmation page), your submission was received.
I Need Help!

If you’re new to our online receipt form, click here to view a short video.
Email Us or call 1-800-539-3273