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How to Earn More Points

PromoThank you for supporting the School Cents program. Receipt logging ended on April 15.

PromoEVERY SCHOOL IS A WINNER! Each participating school will receive $500 to $3,000 in Mall Gift Cards. Click here after May 15 to see how much your school earned.

PromoSCHOOL CENTS UPDATES. Check this page to view updates about the School Cents program.

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How do I credit my receipts for my school?

It's easy to help your school win $500 to $3,000. Just shop at Flagstaff Mall & The Marketplace between August 15, 2013 and April 15, 2014.

How many points does my school have?

Ongoing Bonus Points Offers

Mall Gift Card
Buy a Mall Gift Card and Earn 1,000 Bonus Points. Available at Guest Services. Terms and conditions apply to Gift Card use.

School Cents Email
STAY UP TO DATE…Receive School Cents bonus points reminders via email and earn 1000 points! Limit one per person. We’ll only email you once or twice a month, and we do not sell, give or rent your information to anyone. Plus, when you register, you will receive instructions to join Flagstaff Mall’s e-club and earn another 1000 points. Sign Up Now!

School Cents Facebook App
Earn 500 points on Facebook. Like us at Click on School Cents to select your school and earn 500 points. Limit one per Facebook fan.


How to log receipts at the mall

Shop and log receipts from Flagstaff Mall & The Marketplace between August 15, 2013 and April 15, 2014 to support your school. Bring your original cash register receipts to Guest Services, located near Sears to earn at least five points per dollar spent. Receipts will be noted for your school and returned to you.

How to log E-Receipts online

We have a simple way for you to credit your E-Receipts that have been sent to you by a Flagstaff Mall & The Marketplace retailer in lieu of a cash register receipt. Just click the big red button on your left to get started.

Why we can’t accept paper receipts online…yet

We are currently testing online receipt logging options and hope to make this option available in the future.


More About School Cents

Flagstaff Mall & The Marketplace has contributed $25,700 to local schools in the School Cents program, which began in 2010. School Cents rewards 10 elementary, middle and high schools and will contribute another $13,000 to local schools during the 2013-14 School Cents program.