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Nora LevyFounded Shopping Partnership in 1992. and has helped schools, shopping centers and retailers benefit from loyalty rewards relationships, and...
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Elsa SistosWith a strong background in project management, Elsa became a valued member of out team in 2004...
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Beth MarchakBeth Marchak is the newest addition to the Shopping Partnership team. Beth brings extensive experience as a school volunteer...
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Nora Levy, owner of Shopping Partnership, started her career in shopping center marketing following graduation from California State University, Fullerton with a BA in Communications. Nora oversaw the marketing programs at Long Beach Plaza, Santa Anita Fashion Park and Los Cerritos Center from 1982-1992 for The Hahn Company & TrizecHahn. As a shopping center marketing director, Nora won numerous awards for her programs, including the prestigious MAXI award from the International Council of Shopping Centers and special recognition from then governor of California Pete Wilson for EASE (Easy Access Shopping Experience) - a program designed to enhance the shopping experience for patrons with disabilities.

In 1992, Nora launched Shopping Partnership in Los Alamitos, California. Her background in shopping centers matched with her experience as an active parent volunteer in her children's school helped make the school rewards program a recipe for success. Nora lives in Los Alamitos with her husband Elijah (married since 1982) and has two daughters. Nora loves to cook, read, do sudoku and travel.